A Guide To Creating Custom Tee Shirts

One of the best ways to make money online is to create and sell custom tee shirts. You can either do this as a standalone business or you can do it as an addition to your current business. For example, if you have an online auto parts business, you can also sell t-shirts that feature various cars, vehicle brands, memes etc. So with that said, we will now look at a few tips and guidelines that will help you to get started in this business.

First of all, you will need a great designer. You don’t need to hire a full time graphic designer since there are many designers who do one-off work or work in a freelance capacity. The quality of your tshirt designs would rely completely on the quality of the designer that you choose, so it is best to take the time to thoroughly check through their portfolio of past work.

One of the best places to quickly and easily find a tshirt graphic designer is on Fiverr. Of course, there are many other platforms that you can also check such as Freelancer, Upwpork etc. You should always look for graphic designers that are highly rated and you should have a conversation with them first, before buying a gig. The designer should not only be able to create high quality designs but should be able to speak fluent English so that you can easily communicate with them. You should also ensure that you get unlimited revisions since this means that you can ask them to fix the design as many times as you need to.

Next, you will need to come up with various design ideas based on your business. Now, in the event that you’re designing these tshirts as a standalone business, then you need to do some research to see what type of designs sell well. You can do this by going on Amazon and looking a the most popular tshirts in various niches. For example, you can look at niches such as pet lovers, specific careers, family, fitness etc. Once you see the most popular designs, you can then create better designs that are more interesting and visually appealing.

After you’ve decided on a design, chosen a graphic designer and the design is complete, the next step is to choose a platform to sell your tshirts. Some popular options include Gearbubble, Teespring, Teemill etc. You can choose one of these options and then create an account and upload your design. You can choose the type of tshirts you want your design on, the color and available sizes. It is best to price your tshirt between $12 – $25 depending on the niche and quality of the design. By doing so, you should make a profit of a couple of dollars, every time a tshirt is sold. Alternatively, you can sell your tshirts on Amazon Merch which is definitely a great option since Amazon will promote your tshirts for you and most people are more comfortable buying on Amazon.

In closing, we have just looked at a quick guide to creating and selling custom tee shirts. So, be sure to closely think about this business and create a clear plan before you get started.

5 Clever Uses For Custom Tshirts

You may often hear the term custom tshirts, but apart from advertising your company brand or logo, you can find advantages that go beyond that. In fact, many printing companies are willing to offer wholesale pricing as a discount when you order custom printed shirts in large quantities. What can you do with these custom shirts, you ask?

1. Advertise A Cause You Believe In

The beauty of custom shirts is that they can tell the world what you think or feel. Is there a cause that you feel strongly about and hope to support? Is there a research foundation that needs funding? Designing your tshirt to include a fundraising message can help raise awareness of a very real problem. This is also the reason that so many companies rely on printed shirt designs to get their mission statements across.

2. Advertise Your Company

This point may seem obvious, but in the age of Internet marketing, very few companies really consider the boost that custom products can give their businesses. A printed and well designed shirt can provide years of potential advertising for your company. Everyone wears shirts, and more often than not, people don’t even pay attention to the cause if the shirt was given for free. It’s a win-win situation as your company will remain advertised for the lifespan of the shirt.

3. Preserve Memories

There are many events that are made even more memorable when souvenirs are freely given. For example, brides may choose to give their bridesmaids custom printed shirts. It’s not only a token of appreciation, but a useful gift that may remain in use for a long time. Custom shirts can also work well for milestone birthdays, anniversaries or a number of important holidays.

4. Hone Teamwork

Did you know that matching custom shirts can hone teamwork? Whether you’re working together with your team at a bowling tournament or you coach a soccer team, custom printed shirts show people they are on the same side. Not only will it enhance their performance, but also offer a unique way to make everyone feel that they belong.

5. Showcase Your Artwork

Artists rely on printed shirts as a way to advertise their art and get it recognized by their peers. In fact, artists can sell their shirts for income as the shirts bear their designs. Much like advertising a business, interesting and cool graphics will always win public recognition and appreciation. In addition, these shirts can help budding artists earn income from their work without having to sell original art.

Custom tshirts are available in a number of sizes, colors and designs. When choosing to custom print shirts in bulk, make sure to work with a company that allows you to be a part of the design process in every way. Whether you’re looking to purchase a few shirts to show your appreciation for friends and family or order in large quantities to advertise your business, the right shirts can raise public awareness and create word-of-mouth buzz around a topic.

How To Design Your Own TShirt That Is Sure To Impress!

Choosing to design your own tshirt isn’t just a fun way to express yourself, but a truly unique way to show the world what interests you. Some designers may choose to print their own tees, but working with a company that can take care of the heavy lifting for you offers numerous advantages! There are several steps you can take to create the perfect custom shirt design that’s sure to fit your needs in every way.

Think About Representation

What is the purpose of your new shirt? Is it to advertise your own brand or logo? Or, is it just something fun to showcase your own art? What purpose the finished product serves helps determine the actual design of the shirt. Make sure you own the rights to the image you’re using, but if you aren’t artistic, you can purchase a stock photo to use in your designs.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

A color scheme can make or break your shirt design. Consider what background colors contrast your design the best. Keep in mind that the colors you view on your computer may look slightly different in person. Never choose colors that may wash each other out or are too hard on the eyes. You want your design to speak for itself without getting overwhelmed by the background color.

Add Cohesiveness To Your Design

You may have your graphics all lined up, but something should ground your design and bring it all together. For example, if your design is comprised of smaller elements such as stars or floating graphics, bring it together with an additional detail that helps keep it all balanced.

Consider Placement

Where you place your graphics makes a great deal of difference in tshirt design. A simple company logo should grab attention from the start, which is why many will recommend that you place the logo in the middle. On the other hand, something slightly more artistic may fare better in a side location or towards the top. Think about the purpose of your design carefully before making the determination where it needs to go.

Get A Second Opinion

You’ll pay a fee to have your design custom tshirt printed, so it only makes sense that you’ll need to ensure that the tee works for your needs. Ask a second opinion from a friend or a family member. Doing so can raise awareness of any potential glaring flaws you may have overlooked inadvertently during the design process.

Work With Quality

To make the most of your design, it’s important to do the research and only work with a company that you can trust. It may be tempting to choose a company based on price alone, but the fact remains you do get what you pay for. Your designs deserve to get showcased in the best way possible, which is why the quality of the print and the materials used for the shirts make a difference.

Designing your own shirts is not only fun, but a unique way to express your personal style. What’s more is that when you design your own tshirt, you can raise awareness of a cause or your personal brand!